• June 03, 2019
  • // Technology and Society

The introduction in the seminar was quite interesting because I could let go of all preconceived notions and just observe. Observe people…

Silk Road

  • May 20, 2019
  • // Technology and Society

Greco Buddhism > People from Europe left behind influenced culture and style from that era.Silk Road stone carvingHistoric networks, showing…

India's Place in the World Web of Cotton

  • May 13, 2019
  • // Technology and Society

What is global history? Analysis of commodity chainsNot about covering entire globe, but aware of importance of global correlation.Showing…

On the History and Empowerment of West African Workers

  • May 06, 2019
  • // Technology and Society

Contract-workers were dominant and preferredNo trickle down of rapid economy developmentColonial export production continue the practice of…


  • April 29, 2019
  • // Technology and Society

90s: Lots of drugs, lots of internet. Democratisation of things. Nick Land Accelorationism: With good enough technology, we will be able to…

Anthropology of Hacking

  • April 15, 2019
  • // Technology and Society

Reading NotesMaxigasHackteriaBesetzes Haus BremgartenKocharealHacklabsVenue to be in the urban flow, communication, infrastructure, venue to…


  • April 08, 2019
  • // Technology and Society

Hoggart > should not romantisise Papanek > romanticising about the people he designs forWhat is the own ability of the designer to criticise…

Machines as Extensions of Man

  • April 01, 2019
  • // Technology and Society

Computers as extension of man Tecné - extension of the body Hacking as creative reconfiguration compütär, it was like hallucination…