• April 29, 2019
  • // Technology and Society

90s: Lots of drugs, lots of internet. Democratisation of things. Nick Land Accelorationism: With good enough technology, we will be able to balance what we have done to Earth. With technologysation > new kind of slave > new class of slavery > domination of people who control this tech. Modern war is about speed > pushing this to trading, etc. It required a human to understand what’s going on, but today things like trading are going at such a speed, that it requires machines to understand it. Society is now at a much higher pace.

Speculative Realism

  • Žižek
  • New philosophy applied to our problems today

Socialist Realism

  • Russian communist stuff


  • Trust > work on belief system
  • Tangible medication > Dunne&Raby > visualising the medications one takes during life
  • DIY > turning people into actors > taking on responsibility. Advocate and represent society
  • Speculative Design > mediate and address the topics

Machines of loving grace

  • capitalism > notion of slave and master
  • feminism > breaking the rules of capitalism

Cybernetically govern Chile

Free port, special zone to trade artwork without tax > a place for capitalism to store assets. The margin of capitalism.