Feedback and Classnotes 07 December

  • December 07, 2020
  • // Sweet Dreams Are Made of This


I think this seminar has brought up a lot of (good) questions and inspirations towards the BA thesis. Since I already had rough ideas in mind, this seminar was really cool to advance the ideas further and kind of test them. I noticed that some were maybe a bit lost with the assignments since they didn’t have a direction or idea for the thesis yet and I think you would really profit more from the seminar with some ideas or directions in mind. The first few inputs I found very inspiring, I liked the poster part, where we had to bring physical objects, walked around and discussed them instead of just sitting and discussing.

Class Notes

  • Romantic, poetic part of being a designer

  • survive in capitalist system

    • hack ourselves within the system
  • what kind of society are you designing for?

    • Charlotte: A society that fails me or disappoints me, so I can bring my experience and change it
  • plays into janinas question, for who do I want to work or create and what do I want to achieve

  • [[book]] practice of everyday life, Michel de Certeau

    • cooking, reading, walking as act of resistance
    • we are free to do all those things, but in other countries this might not be the case
    • manifestation of own autonomy and agency