Silk Road

  • May 20, 2019
  • // Technology and Society
  • Greco Buddhism > People from Europe left behind influenced culture and style from that era.
  • Silk Road stone carving
  • Historic networks, showing ancient connections
  • Wale communication network > mediating between human and the unknown heavenly (?)
  • Nam June Paik, considering deers as predecessors of whales

    • Deer eating magic mushrooms, shamans drinking their urine and going on a trip as well > connections to Santa Clause
    • Deer after eating mushrooms jumping back to the water and becoming a whale
    • Larger connections and correlations between humans and animals

Silk Road

  • Trade roads covering vast parts of the norther hemisphere
  • Several routes, decentralised networks with different merchants traveling on them
  • Black death originating in East Asia reaching Europe around 14th century

Belt and Road Initiative

  • global infrastructure network initiative from China
  • Expansion of West Trade Routes through Pakistan > historical conflicts with e.g. India that led to this development, which is important for oil import from Iran

Zheng He, traveling as far as Africa > figure being evoked when talking about the BRI today

Everything under heaven

  • Power asymmetry > though everybody got what they wanted in the trade business, efficient also in peace keeping
  • Everything hold in balance, so trade was possible

Port in Hong Kong

  • Opium export by England, produced in India and sold through Hong Kong to Mainland China
  • Lin Ze Xu > burned the port, which started the opium war, statue in China Town as a symbol of an early drug adversary

Chinese Market

  • Silk, Tea, Porcelain > desired goods in Europe

  • China did not want anything from Europe (except silver, gold)

  • Huge deficit in trade debts between Britain and England > Opium as a product for the British to enter the Chinese market

  • Notion of technology/big data in China <> Europe

  • Advancement of AI in China for applications like medicine

  • Will Hong Kong become a role model for other Chinese ports and loose its relevance?

  • Schizophrenic situation: Hong Kong being the most capitalist city opposed to communist Mainland China

Art Project

  • Holo thingy: Hong Kong will disappear from Chinese sight and vice versa