Free Flow

  • October 08, 2020
  • // Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

When I was searching for a book, I tried really hard to not pick a book about design or art. Quite a difficult task, since I only had time to visit the library at ZHdK. While searching for the books, I also realised that even if they were books unrelated to design, I still would have preferred a design book. My interest are quite focused on only design related topics. I enjoyed the relaxed and very inspiring start into the free flow retreat by listening to other’s book presentations and browsing through the books they brought. Books I would not have thought of or found. The two days went by very fast and as a general conclusion I enjoyed exchanging thoughts with other students as well as lecturers. By talking to so many people about essentially the same thing that interests me, I quickly became bored of repeating myself. So I tried to vary what I’m saying and realised that through that I came to different conclusions and gained new perspectives on the topic! Besides developing my interests further, it has been a great gathering, sharing food and stories with quite new people that I got to get to know (got to get to got to get?) better.