Classnotes 17 November

  • November 17, 2020
  • // Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
  • Michel Foucault: Collecting data as act of caring for one another [[care]], [[feminism]]
  • Salt life cycle: which methods, which tools? How to break down the approach, what are the next steps?
  • How to push on limitations?

Data Mapping

  • XYZ Method to express volume (Joelle’s Twitter project to map data)
  • Data Metaphor: Use what data tells us already as inspiration. #nature as inspiration, where [[Design]] processes are already embodied in the DNA
  • Existing Grammar: Forms/shapes that data already generates (soundwaves, etc)
  • machine : Data that uses machine and the way it acts. [[Material]] also has a behaviour/[[agency]] that we can use. Projects: MakerBot by artist Lia
  • Purpose/Structural-driven
  • How can data materialise?
  • Infuse something to make material transformable/reactive: air, liquid,…

Ethics of wearables

  • Negotiation human-machines / control / who controls the machine?
  • Agency?
  • Who gets to use it?
  • Film: Sleepworker
  • Teaching body awareness
  • [[open source]] exoskeleton
  • Preventing suicides, preventing self harm behaviour (drug abuse)
  • Magenband > exoskeleton for inside?
  • bike helmet as exoskeleton? > protection is most widely used application
  • Strap on as exoskeleton?