Literature Review 03

  • November 16, 2020
  • // Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

[[zhdk]], [[Sweet dreams are made of this]]

Jarvis, N., Cameron, D., Boucher, A. 2012. Attention To Detail: Annotations of a design process. pp. 11-20.

  • What is design? Research [[methodology]], intellectual exercises or more like a link between [[research]] and practice?
  • [[Material]] Design is an important aspect as it creates a lot of insight and plays a big part in overall design development. Has however been neglected in recent HCI research
  • Example weather station: Designers investigated how sensor data could be made more legible with Material that amplify or perform the data. [[Performance]] of material makes it visible / [[translation|material translation]] of data
  • They then created a storybook to narrate and gain insight how users perceive their home (where weather station will be used)

Gaver, W. 2011. “Making spaces: How design workbooks work” in Proceedings of CHI 2011, Vancouver.

  • Workbook sparked ideas and also stated a direction of focus, style and interest. Like a [[Prototype]] it presents the idea that can be criticised and discussed
  • In [[Design process]], sometimes discussion doesn’t go anywhere. Workbooks can help developing ideas further, recognising a good idea.
  • Shows the flaws of an idea by formulating it out
  • When putting it out in the world, the project evolves from just a designer’s baby to something that has its own voice, that many people react differently to and so it gets perceived diferently
  • When you understand past and present, you can project possible [[Future|Futures]]. Futures and possibilities that are not ‘futuristic’ but could have happened now.
  • Future can be explored in a design scenario as part of the workbook. But those scenarios are often too optimistic (as you want many people to swallow it)
  • By detailing the scenario too much, it leaves out different possibilities and ways to explore it.
  • Better not detail scenario too much and instead of saying what it does, ::pointing out the needs it addresses::. No too technical details.
  • Workbook highlights different qualities and also different values and forms the design may take at different stages of the process.
  • [[Design space]] : opens up spaces for same same but different design ideas and can stimulate possible futures and explore opportunities that were not obvious before
  • Images and photos are important in expressing ideas
  • Workbook is more than sketchbook. The design in it is past the first stages and the works should be presentable and somewhat independent from the designer. But don’t over polish them.
  • Humor as a playful approach that doesn’t undermine the design at all

Gaver, W., Dunne A, Pacenti E. 1999. “The Presence Project”, in RCA, Journal Interactions, Volume 6, Issue 1, Jan./Feb. 1999.

  • Information [[Technology]] tries too hard to be rational
  • Humans are non-rational, dreaming, joyful, melancholic, hopeful…
  • Book is a collection of design projects and methods such as [[Cultural Probes]], [[Experiments]]