Classnotes 9 November

  • November 09, 2020
  • // Sweet Dreams Are Made of This
  • As designers, we are already in a position of privileged, biased. Can we design beyond that? Can we overcome that?
  • Literature review: What am I really looking for?
  • Quickly identify what is useful and what not > classified approach, playful approach to literature research
  • We are designers, but then really makers in general, essentially
  • Going back and forth: writing > prototyping > making > writing
  • experimenting > creation of meaning (making sense paper)
  • What does it mean to create something?
  • Production of meaning is what we write about when we do our thesis
  • Clear research questions, and what are the methods to engage them?
  • How to share the results so they can be replicated?
  • What is the thing I want to achieve?
  • As soon as you have a hypothesis is to try it out, instead of working forever on the idea and never testing it
  • Not getting lost in storytelling
  • What is my arch? > Narrative going on, projecting yourself into the arch
  • Changing locations

During all my interest, what would be really cool question to answer in my thesis?

  • Addressing neocolonial power structures

  • Where to start?

  • Do people really want? > going to

  • colonial logic internalised > many profit

  • Is there really an interest in decolonial healing? Since so much seems internalised and so many actually profit from it?

  • Can I create beyond that? How can I as a “Westerner” convincingly sell it?

  • Is there really neocolonial behaviour? And to the people really want to get rid of it?

    Concern that I am voicing could be the research, it is the work, the thing I try to find out. What does it mean to go to another country and help those people? Or whole work is about denouncing white designer saviour problem? Hightlight people who are already doing what they already do on the ground, that work that is now visible